what is on purpose

On Purpose creates opportunities for you to experience joy and fulfilment in your life. While discovering or identifying your passions we use the Law of Attraction and modalities such as EFT and NLP and the Emotion Code to give you tools to ask for and allow whatever you desire in your life. The course unmasks the blocks to allowing what you desire in life. These limiting beliefs are brought to awareness where we can then choose what we want to do with them. 

 So many of us “What are we here on this earth for?" In the course you will have the opportunity to explore this question using wisdom questions from many different areas of life.  These questions are the same whether we are in our 20's or our 60's. We explore this by finding our passions our values and letting go of some our personal acts we walk around with.

The program is conducted over 9 weeks, each week has a 3 hour session held onsite at a training facility. 
The course consists of onsite and offsite training components. The onsite portion includes twelve 3 hour weekly sessions while the offsite training includes recommended reading, DVD’s, exercises and processes designed to broaden your learning experience. Weekly emails give extra reading for people seeking more.

The Course

First 3 weeks

During the first 3 weeks, you will learn how to activate your own inner resources through the application and study of  manifestation principles.  You will discover what you really want in life and you will learn the tools to create what you want. You will learn to bring your dreams into reality. A lot of us have stopped dreaming, know what we don't want but are very unclear about what we do want. You will learn to use tools that clear what is stopping you reaching what is possible.

Second 3 Weeks

In the second 3 weeks, you will learn how to improve your relationship with yourself and others while deepening your ability to become clearer, more confident and passionate. Relationships with others are our greatest teachers about ourselves. This part uses a few different models which if used give you great insight into yourself. This part of the course is designed to assist you in broadening your sense of self, while embracing all aspects of who you are. We will show you how to tap into your greatest passions and overcome barriers that stand in the way of your personal and professional success. 

Final 3 weeks

During the third and final 3 weeks, we will be guiding you through the process of creating your purpose and personal vision for your life. You start seeing your internal programming, of what you have inherited. This is where we create greater choices in our life. You start living your life as if your life makes a difference. You will get clear about what it is you want from life and the immediate action needed to get you there.

Why participate?

Most people who attend our events have enjoyed success in their life. You may already be successful in your work, have relationships that are more than adequate, and feel reasonably satisfied with the way your life is going. You might think it's all quite good enough yet somewhere underneath, at a deeper level, you sense there is something missing - something unfulfilled or not quite right. The course empowers people to tap into their greatest passions so their lives can be wholly fulfilled.

What ’On Purpose’ is NOT

It is not therapy, encounter, positive thinking, or intellectual theory. It is not designed to change you but to enhance  your ability to embrace the changes YOU wish to make and to produce the results you want.
The course is not a quick fix, get rich quick, or a self help ‘technique’. It provides long term benefit through the practical application of cutting edge transformational concepts and technologies.

Next Teens On Purpose Course Dates

Monday Nights
21st May - 25th June

Introductory Night
Monday 30th April 7pm

26 Marshall Ave Macedon

Next On Purpose Course Dates

Tuesday Nights
5th June - 31st July

Introductory Night
Monday 30th April 7pm

842 Ashbourne Road
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