Emotion Code testimonials

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Marg treated my four year old daughter for significant anxiety. She was chewing her nails & fingers so consistently & severely that her fingertips were red raw & very sore. She always had her fingers in her mouth & was shy & nervous.

After a number of treatments from Marg, my daughter gradually but surely returned to her happy, light hearted self. She no longer chews her fingers and is very proud of her nails growing!

She has resumed her skipping, dancing & singing that has been part of her personality since the moment she could show us.

Marg is an amazing & dedicated practitioner who has shown time & again that she is highly intuitive & able to connect completely with her client. She facilitates deep & permanent healing that I have rarely experienced from other modalities & in much less time. I highly recommend Marg's treatments for anyone struggling with painful repetitive emotional problems & for children who suddenly change their temperament & seem out of sorts for long periods.

Thank you Marg for all you have helped us with.


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On an afternoon walk, a close friend and I chatted about her recent trip to Australia to see her son; he will be marrying and raising a family there, and my friend was describing what his life looked like now, complete with the special people who will color his life in ways that she feels good about. And she told me about Marg, his mother-in-law to be, and the interesting work she does with Emotional Freedom Technique. She was intrigued by Marg’s energy---her soulful way of communicating---and after hearing about her, I was as well.

My reasons for intrigue were far different from my friend’s; my circumstances had corralled me into a corner--a corner I was feeling I may never get out of--and I was looking for ways to help myself. I felt my spirit dampening and despair setting in. You would not have known this to look at me. I managed to get to work, exercise, take care of my kids, smile, and talk about the plan I had for bettering my situation. I appeared to have all the answers and a winning attitude, but inside I was scared that I’d never find my way, and that fear was overshadowing just about everything in my life. Marg’s work seemed liked it would be beneficial for me and I wanted very much to try it, so I did. And what I received was a gentle lift; a hand up for meeting the second half of my life with clarity and optimism.

Marg coaxed and coached me through the process of letting go of notions, beliefs, and stored misconceptions of self so that I could relax into health. The realization that I needed to do these things for myself was not enough to make them happen; she started the wheels in motion, offered me freedom, threw away the ideas I was holding onto that clogged my spirit, and showed me what it was like to face the day unencumbered. The value of laughter resurfaced after years of being deemed insignificant.

As our sessions came to a close, I celebrated my unwillingness to hold onto doubt and uncertainty, and I embraced a new direction. I feel lighter, yet stronger; supported and able to support. My work with Marg gave me the freedom to be, and to appreciate what I have to offer. Feelings of inadequacy are gone. Guilt has fallen away. Pretty priceless, I would say.


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I'm grateful to have experienced sessions of the Emotion Code with Marg. Identifying my blocked emotions healed me both emotionally and physically in the most rapid and surprising ways. I have also worked in the past with NLP, EFT, re-birthing and many other techniques and modalities and as Marg says, none of them come close to the Emotion Code. Thanks Marg.

Helen Wells

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Marg is an incredibly sincere, honest and no-nonsense lady who is also very educated re nutrition and health in general…There are no doubt many other good practitioners in the world but because Marg is so patently pure, I think she is an excellent choice…


On Purpose testimonials

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I could write an essay on how beneficial it was for me.
I have been feeling so fantastic thee past few weeks because I feel a lot more clarity in my being. I am working on today and striving to achieve “My purpose”
In the meantime, I am teaching my beautiful children these strategies to enable them to discover their purpose as well.
Marg, I am forever grateful for this awesome course. It will always be a part of me. I give thanks to you and the universe for bringing us together.Many thanks, peace to you and 10,000 blessings

Karen Banks

On Purpose has been a life changing experience for me. Thankyou.

Past Participant

I feel I am healing myself every day and creating the life I want, not just dreaming it, using the information from 'On Purpose'. Thankyou so much Marg for teaching and sharing On Purpose with me I am Grateful!

Past Participant

I live 'On purpose' each day now. Thankyou so much for your knowledge, you are an inspiration. I now know joy and peace even in the most stressful times of my life!

Past Participant

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I am now manifesting everything I want in my life. I am working in my dream career, my relationships are flourishing and I am happy and grateful to be alive every day.

Past Participant

It was beautiful to wake up feeling so free. It bought tears to my eyes and I am so happy and grateful that I have been coming to 'On purpose' it really is changing my life.
Thank you so very much.

Past Participant

I have a beautiful husband, baby, an amazing home and a wonderful business that I love. All thanks to you Marg, thank you…..

Past Participant

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