Heart Energetics

This is a day program with an evening follow up to empower people to do their own emotional healing. The system that Marg has created is based on Bradley Nelson's Emotion and Body Code and Paul Wong's Chinese Energetics. Marg wants to teach people to be able to let go of their inner guilt, their vulnerabilities and fears, their resentments and their shame. It is our anger, frustrations, despair and judgements that prevent us from experiencing our joy, inner peace and harmony. We are able to live in our greatness and fulfil our purpose when we take away the energy that cloud us. Most of these energies are unconscious, have been with us since we were a child. The great thing is that we are able to release these memories and live a life with love grace and gratitude.

It is possible for you to: Alleviate life long fears Increase in self acceptance Ability to see the gifts in trauma Be free of negative energies stored in the body Improve health because of the removal of negative energies Decrease self sabotage Cancel  limiting beliefs

Suppressed energy accumulates and seeks expression through psychosomatic disorders, emotional issues, dysfunctional behaviour within relationships and addictions. They also block our spiritual growth and awareness. As we delete the negative energy we decrease anxiety and thus the need for addictive behaviour. We increase our vitality, our energy, our presence, our well being and improve our relationships. We improve our goal setting and decrease our self sabotage

In the course you will be taught simple muscle testing. We will be deleting limiting beliefs around your ability to muscle test and you will then simply enjoy the process.


Heart Energetics 1 day course

The 1 day program is run at 842 Ashbourne Rd Ashbourne (8 kms from Woodend)
Cost $150
For booking, please ring Marg on 0433 782 728
Dates: TBA
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842 Ashbourne Road

Phone: 5427 1411 or
0433 782 728